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Here are some preliminary ideas for a payment policy plan.

This is based on the Center's terms. The timeframe/action plan can be switched around. In fact this whole thing can be edited. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts, ideas, etc.

Groups that pay within 30 days are in good standing.

Groups that fall 60 days behind will be issued a warning notice (this offers a two month window to pay).

Groups that fall 90 days behind are automatically suspended - service on hold until account balance is addressed.

Since all invoices are automated - I wonder how difficult it would be to set up a system where if payment isn't received they get message 2, then message three, and so on. That is a tech question so I would leave it to you to determine if that's feasible.

Payment plan options - For groups unable to pay their full balance, they must agree to a payment schedule in coordination with me - a monthly minimum. This could be annual dues divided by 12 as one option. If they don't make a monthly payment, they go back on the schedule - alert, then suspension. If groups want to apply for a reduced rate there should be some process for that. Obviously for groups years behind it might have to be adjusted even more. The tech question here is how to segment the payment plan group, and document their terms for tracking purposes. that would be key.

The only snag in the plan is that not everyone is billed on the same day - it would be great if all billing starts on the first of the month - if only to make an aging report read out with accuracy. I'm sure that's not super important in the grand scheme or if it would be something easy to change in the system. that's another question for tech.

Roll-out -

i imagine this would have to be announced in a full message to all members - new payment plan rules. i would then start the ticker at that point - all delinquent groups would get one additional month to pay before going on alert - and the alert message would be equally detailed and offer payment plan options. that gives everyone two months to settle their accounts before beginning to suspend any member accounts.

What I do at the Center is in the middle of the month (again this is timing since I bill everyone the first of the month) - personally contact delinquent groups to remind them of their obligations. Sometimes a personal note can make a big difference. The feasibility of this will depend on the number of delinquent members. But I have devised some template which should speed things along. The Center has hundreds of regularly meeting groups - with the new policy system, the number of alert and suspended groups has dropped dramatically to around 20. The Center also used to write off thousands of dollars in fees each year. Our write offs have also dramatically decreased.

Dear Members,

Greetings! We're reaching out to you today to let you know about exciting new developments here at May First/People Link.

First of all we want to thank you all for your support of MFPL these past 6 years. We have grown from a few dozen members to a growing and vibrant network of over 500 individuals, activists and organizations both grassroots based and national in scope. This incredible growth only confirms the need for the kind of politically progressive internet infrastructure that MF/PL provides. And we are continuing to develop new ways to both serve and engage our members. Our first annual Membership Meeting is coming up this Fall. For more information on the meeting, please click here - we sincerely hope you all can make it.

At the same time this growth has not come without costs. As our community has increased, so has the demand for services. We have been making critical investments in hardware and equipment, technological upgrades, software applications, enhanced security measures and more to meet these needs. Membership dues are critical for these efforts - we pool our collective resources for the benefit of our entire membership. And we have kept our dues historically low to ensure that these services can be made as broadly available as possible. But every member's contribution counts.

In the past we have been generally lenient with regards to dues collections. But we have decided that both as a commitment to our core political principles and to our collective community - particularly the costs incurred and shared by all - we need member groups to be accountable for their dues payments. If you have already been regularly paying your annual dues, then nothing will change. For groups that have gotten behind in their payments, we want to offer you the opportunity to pay your dues by DATE or we will remove your website from our servers. Going forward, dues will need to be paid within 90 days of receipt to maintain active membership status.

If the total sum owed or the deadline is unworkable, we are happy to make an alternative arrangement with you. And low income groups that need scholarship assistance will be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact Hilary Goldstein, our membership associate to find out more.

We believe this is an important step in our growth as an organization. We welcome any feedback here and at the upcoming Membership Meeting in September.

In Solidarity,