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Payment Policy

May First/People Link membership payment status schedule has three categories: good standing, at-risk, and suspended. The following definitions help us to manage our financial accounts more efficiently as our membership continues to grow. We encourage our members to contact us with any questions of concerns so that we may adjust their dues payment on a case-by-case basis (see Payment Policy below).

Good Standing: Members who have paid their yearly dues within the last 12 months or those that that pay their dues within 30-days notice are in good standing. Automatic messages are sent to the billing email address for a membership account immediately upon expiration of yearly dues.

At-risk: Members that fall behind 60 days are considered at-risk. Members with a status of at-risk will be issued an automatic warning notice through email. Dues must be received within one months of this notice.

Suspended: Members that fail to pay their dues within 90 days are automatically suspended. All services, including websites, email, email lists, and data will be put on hold until the account balance is paid. A leader at MF/PL will attempt a personal email or phone call before any services are shut down or removed.

Inactive: Members that have not responded to suspension notices will be fully deactivated and all data then archived or removed from MF/PL servers after a period of some months.

Payment Plans

For members unable to pay their full balance, payment schedules may be coordinated with the Membership Associate. A payment plan typically requires a set payment schedule with a specific minimum payment due. For example, a monthly payment plan would require a monthly payment of 1/12 the annual dues amount. If a member fails to make timely monthly payments, that member will no longer be eligible to follow a payment plan and will be required to pay their dues in full.

Additionally, members that are unable to pay their yearly dues in full can apply for a reduced rate by contacting the Member Associate. We recognize that this may be especially necessary for members that have fallen years behind.

To get in touch to discuss your account status, please contact [members@…].