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    1616Additionally, members that are unable to pay their yearly dues in full can apply for a reduced rate by contacting the Member Associate. We recognize that this may be especially necessary for members that have fallen years behind.
    19 === Initial Implementation ===
    21  * Implement mechanisms in the control panel to assign distinctions and produce reports on members by status.
    22  * Writing or rewriting the automated email messages to reflect the new policy and status distinctions.
    23  * The Payment Policy will then be announced in an email message to all members (see ''Announcement'' below).
    24  * Sending automated messages to all members not in good standing.
    25  * Begin contacting suspended memberships.
    27 === Announcement ===
    29 Dear Members,
    31 Greetings! We're reaching out to you today to let you know about exciting new developments here at May First/People Link.
    33 First of all we want to thank you for your support of MF/PL these past 6 years. We have grown from a few dozen members to a vibrant network of over 500 individuals, activists and organizations that are grassroots-based, national, and international in scope. This incredible growth only confirms the need for the kind of politically progressive internet infrastructure that MF/PL provides. We are continuing to develop new ways to serve and engage our members. Our first annual Membership Meeting is coming on September 17th. We sincerely hope you all can join us. For more information on the meeting,
    35 Our growth has not come without costs. As our community has increased, so has its demand for services. To meet these growing demands, we have been making critical investments in hardware and equipment, technological upgrades, software applications, enhanced security measures, and more. Membership dues are critical for these efforts because we pool our collective resources for the benefit of our entire membership. We have kept these dues low to ensure that these services can be made as broadly available as possible. This means that every member's contribution counts. 
    37 In the past we have been generally lenient with regards to dues collections. The Leadership Committee of this organization has discussed and decided that to fulfill our commitment to our collective community and to our core political principles - particularly that the incurred costs are shared by all - we as leaders must hold each member accountable for their dues payments. If you regularly pay your annual dues, then nothing will change. For members that have fallen behind in their payments, we will be contacting you to settle your dues within 90 days before your website and data is removed from our servers.
    39 If the total sum owed by the deadline is unworkable, we are happy to make  alternative arrangements.  This could be a monthly payment plan or other way to break up the total owed into workable segmen  Low-income members that need scholarship assistance will also be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact Hilary Goldstein, our Membership Associate, about the possibilities.
    41 This is an important step in our growth as an organization and we welcome any feedback here and at the upcoming Membership Meeting on September 17th.
    43 In Solidarity,
    45 [Signatures....]
     18To get in touch to discuss your account status, please contact