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Our owncloud installation is running on lucius, which is currently running Debian jessie. The owncloud package, however, comes from the ownCloud repo (see #11039).

Important details:

  • As per the Debian packaging, it is run as the www-data user
  • We're using the postgres package not the mysql package. If you want to muck around in the database: su - www-data and then psql owncloud
  • We're authenticating using the login-service (web api). User accounts are created on the fly.
  • The admin username and password are in keyringer. However, try to avoid logging in as the admin, and if you change any configuration options, /etc/owncloud/config.php may get overwritten (which contains our custom user backend). A copy should be available at /etc/owncloud/config.php.bak
  • A 5GB per user quota is set. This is configured by logging in as admin and then clicking to administer users. Quotas can be changed on a per user basis.
  • To fix #8125, we've added our own custom theme called "mayfirst", which is in and it is activated via the theme => "mayfirst" line in Currently, it only adds a style sheet that simply hides the password change form.
  • We have committed to maintaining four extra apps, which are installed in /var/lib/owncloud/apps-local: