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Our owncloud installation is running on lucius, which is currently running Debian wheezy. The owncloud package, however, is pinned to jessie.

The details of the installation are fairly well documented in #7242.

Important details:

  • As per the Debian packaging, it is run as the www-data user
  • We're using the postgres package not the mysql package. If you want to muck around in the database: su - www-data and then psql owncloud
  • We're authenticating using the login-service (web api). User accounts are created on the fly.
  • The admin username and password are in keyringer. However, try to avoid logging in as the admin, and if you change any configuration options, /etc/owncloud/config.php may get overwritten (which contains are custom user backend). A copy should be available at /etc/owncloud/config.php.bak
  • A 5GB per user quota is set. This is configured by logging in as admin and then clicking to administer users. Quotas can be changed on a per user basis.