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Outreach Plan 2011

The following is the outline of the 2011 Outreach Plan for MF/PL. The materials to support this plan are still being developed.

The purpose of this plan is to raise our visibility as a movement organization in technology and to promote our perspective on technology politics. In three ways:

  • 1 -- Promote the functioning and capability of the organization as a provider and resource sharing center to potentially interested organizations and individuals.
  • 2 -- Involve our leadership in our growth, political activities and future
  • 3 -- Promote the political perspective of MF/PL and make sure it is associated with us (as leaders on these issues) to progressive blogs and influential thinkers, organizers and writers.
  • 4 -- Promote and publicize the activities of members in movement work *as members of MF/PL*
  • 5 -- Create a progressive "unification center" in relationship to Internet politics

Materials Development

We need new materials which update information on our activities and perspectives.

Prepare the following materials:

  • 1 -- On-line Q&A about MF/PL, updating what we have and combining everything about us into one document.
  • 2 -- PDF Package:

a - About MF/PL

b - Resources Available

c - Activities (USSF, etc)

d - Why Join? (5 or six points)

  • 3 -- On-Line videos:

The Pitch video -- viral distribution

Alfredo On videos (distribute to more places)

The Pitch List

Start December 15, 2010

Our regular outreach list which would be replenished as people from it join.

  • 1 - compile a list of 200 website contacts
  • 2 - "informative" email on an issue with link to an online presentation emailed to these people every month.

The Five Campaign

Start November 15, 2010

This is a specialized membership drive campaign to get about 100 members. We're gonna ask each LC member to make a list of five people as new potential contacts and then contact them using our materials.

  • 1 - Call all LC members from 5 new potential members to reach out to
  • 2 - Prepare email and a mini-script for an exchange between LC member and the recruit
  • 3 - Send Q&A (above) to LC members as a backgrounder on the organization
  • 4 - Add "referred by" field to our Join form.

The Blog Campaign

Start November 15, 2011

An attempt to keep our leaders in the public eye

  • 1 -- Weekly blog -- Jamie and Alfredo contribute blogs weekly on various topics of their choosing. Timing is essential -- weekly.
  • 2 -- General article contributions -- a monthly article or column contribution to Huffington, portside, alternet and/or similar mass distribution outlets.

Monthly Presentations

Start January 15, 2011

"May First at the Brecht"

Monthly presentation by our leaders, members and/or techies about major Internet topics of general interest (like FOSS, Social Networking, etc.) and specific topics like court cases or mass arrests or a new software concept.