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This orientation is part of a four part series originally developed as part of the 2015 Membership Meeting.

Privacy | Infrastructure | Movement


Welcome to May First/People Link. This page provides an overview of what May First/People Link is, how you can participate, and how you can take advantage of the membership benefits.


Go around - everyone introduces themselves.


  • People Link: Alternative Internet provider that began in 1995
  • Media Jumpstart/May First Technology Collective: Collectively run Internet consulting firm that began in 1999
  • Merged in 2005 to form a Membership Organization
  • 2011: Partnership with Laneta, MF/PL becomes bi-national organization

Organizational Documents

  • Political Environment: identifies the crisis we are facing in the world and the role technology can play in getting us out of it.
  • Mission: we are a here to build the movement
  • Goals: we have both movement building goals and technology infrastructure goals
  • Structure: we are a democratic organization with an elected leadership committee
  • Statement of Intentionality: we recognize the role of oppression in all movement building and particularly within technology

Movement Building

  • Long term relationship to the US and World Social Forum
  • Anchor for the northeast region for the Media Access Grassroots Network
  • Involved in Coop and Free software movements in Mexico

Using Hosting Benefits