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Suggested OpenPGP software

Using GnuPG on a GNU/Linux Computer

Every major GNU/Linux operating system (e.g. Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, etc) comes by default with GnuPG for their desktop installations. The following directions assume you are using Debian or Ubuntu or another Debian-based Linux installation.

If you are comfortable with the command line, gpg is your best choice.

Seahorse is a graphical user interface for managing your keys. It is a useful program to have regardless of whether you use Thuderbird (Icedove) or Firefox (Iceweasel) and webmail. You can install it with:

sudo aptitude install seahorse

How do I use GnuPG with Linux and Thunderbird (Icedove)?

How do I use GnuPG with Linux, web mail and Firefox (Iceweasel)?

To use with Firefox/Iceweasel and webmail, follow the directions below to install and configure FireGPG for Firefox.

Using GnuPG on a Macintosh Computer

How do I use GnuPG with a Macintosh and Thunderbird?

How do I use GnuPG with Macintosh, web mail and Firefox?

Using GnuPG on a Windows Computer

How do I use GnuPG with Windows and Thunderbird?

How do I use GnuPG with Windows, web mail and Firefox?

Specific Programs

How do I use GNU Privacy Assistant to generate a private/public key pair?

  • Launch GNU Privacy Assistant
  • When running for the first time, you should be prompted to use the key generation wizard. If you are not prompted to start the wizard, click Keys -> New Key...
  • Complete the wizard to generate your key.
  • Publish your key. Click Server -> Send keys...

How do I install and configure Enigmail with Thunderbird?

How do I install and configure FireGPG with Firefox?

  • Click the download FireGPG button while running Firefox. After installing FireGPG you will need to restart Firefox before you can use FireGPG.
  • FIXME: need instructions on using FireGPG to sign, verify and decrypt messages.

How do I know what version of Thunderbird I'm running?

You can see what version of Thunderbird you have by:

  • go to Thunderbird
  • click on "Help" (File menus at the top)
  • "About Mozilla Thunderbird"