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     1== May 13, 2013 Meeting Notes ==
     3=== Agenda: ===
     4    * Review of current lowdown proposal, next steps. OPC proposal, Jamie's proposal.
     5    * Discussion of mini-committees for Comms projects
     8Aarón ready. Rasha, Stephen, Hilary, Alfredo
     9Stephen: content change, reworking the lowdown workflow
     11==== Proposal from Jamie ====
     12I've read the outreach committee plans and wanted to give a suggestion
     13for some initial steps to move forward that, with the help of Stephen
     14and myself, I think are do-able over the next couple months.
     15I'm suggesting them in stages - with each stage moving us a little bit
     16more toward our goal.
     17I'm focusing on the outreach committee's goal of revamping both the
     18Lowdown and our approach to communication in general.
     19If everyone is ok with this general approach - I think we could create
     20tickets for each phase and start knocking them out.
     21Let me know what you think.
     23==== Phase 1 ====
     24Upgrade to Drupal 7. This doesn't have to be the first
     25step, but since it will be required for some of the later steps, it
     26makes sense to do it first. I'm hoping Stepehn might be up for the task.
     27I'm happy to coach and help plan the upgrade as well.
     28==== Phase 2 ====
     29Re-define our content types to:
     30(existing content types which will be tweaked):
     31 Blog (formerly called Lowdown article): a blog is full length article
     32 that develops an argument or theme related to the Internet with a left
     33 political analysis
     34 Member news: one paragraph description of an event or development by a
     35 member or MF/PL written in a way that relates it to the broader issues
     36 of the Internet.
     37 Member profile: a multi-paragraph profile of a member. No need to
     38 relate to our mission. Includes picture or graphic.
     39 Picture highlight: Photos of activists for front page rotation.
     40New content types:
     41 Status update: 140 characters on anything related to MF/PL or the
     42 Internet.
     43 Newsletter Issue: an issue is a node with just a date that represents
     44 the release date for a single collection of nodes.
     45Note: we currently aggregate dozens of members blogs and display them on
     46the home page. These are not imported as content on the site. I propose
     47that we keep this sytem because most of these blogs are generally about
     48the left, but not about the Internet.
     49==== Phase 3 ====
     50Automate and expand the collection of content.
     51Using the import module, automatically import content:
     52 Blogs: we already aggregate the blogs of many members. In addition to
     53 aggregation, ask members who occasionally blog about issues related to
     54 the Internet to tag those blogs in a way that we can automatically
     55 import them as blogs (not just aggregated content).
     56 Status update: similarly, ask members to tag their status updates
     57 (twitter,, friendica, etc) in way that we can automatically
     58 pull them in.
     59Ask LC members or specific members to guest tweet for a week: 2 tweets
     60per day.
     61==== Phase 4 ====
     62Re-work the Lowdown workflow.
     63Stephen: additional area of content: different projects being done for members. promoting things we are building as tools.
     64Hilary: Tool of the Month!
     65All content types will have a node reference field that allows you to
     66assign it to a Newsletter Issue.
     67In addition, all content types will share a weight field that will
     68determine the order of the article in a newsletter page.
     69Lastly, all content types will share a status field indicating a status
     70of: empty (nodes not destined for the newsletter will not have a
     71status), pending-revision, pending-translation, ready for publication.
     72When preparing a release of the newsletter, the editors will review
     73material automatically pulled in and solicit material, creating accounts
     74for users if necessary so they can add content directly to the site.
     75Authors may publish the content when they feel it is ready.
     76Next, editors will create a Newsletter Issue node with a target
     77publication date and they will leave the Newsletter Issue node
     79Then, they visit a page (view) that displays all content received during
     80a given period (dates adjustable by the editors). The editors will
     81select the pieces to include by editing the selected piece and choosing
     82a release date, weight and status.
     83A second page (view) will display all existing newsletter issues with a
     84link to view the full issue. Only editors will see unpublished
     85newsletters. The full issue view will display each node assigned to the
     86issue - the title and teaser - with a link to the full node. Only
     87editors will be able to see the status field.
     88Once the editors are satisfied with the status, they can publish the
     89newsletter node.
     90A final view will produce a text-only english version and a text-only
     91spanish version that can be automatically emailed to a arbitrary
     93Note: all content will still need to go through the translation process.
     94==== Phase 5 ====
     96Setup a mayfirst twitter, and accounts.
     97Create a view showing all status updates with a one click button to
     98republish on any or all of the external services. Record which services
     99a given status update has been sent to in order to avoid duplication.
     100Using mailman, create an announcement only list of media contents. Add a
     101button next to each piece of content only viewable by editors that
     102allows you to add a short introduction and email both the introduction
     103and the content to the media list.
     105=== Meeting Discussion ===
     107>Hilary: still does not address content generation.
     108>Stephen: agreed. like the content from members, but ...
     109>Alfredo: don't know if anything I've been thinking of re: outreach relates to marshalling content for publications. with exception of member involvement. we need to get members involved, hooked in with low member consciousness of organization. Members must understand that their work is MFPL work, we want to talk about it and publish it. Internal outreach to get reps to talk to members about this. Ask LC to divvy up members among LC members, should communicate with these groups. Upcoming membership meeting, etc. Discuss possibility of submission of material.
     110>>Stephen: committees as place for members to participate in, engage with members.
     111>Rasha: process for content is needed, proposal is mostly tech foundation. Question about whether LC are the folks to do direct member outreach.
     112>>Alfredo: division between staff and LC is not as clear as it could be. Staff cannot do what I just said. Even LC members who are on staff are going to be hard pressed. Overworked body of staff. It's a debate, discussion for LC to have about does it want to project/communicate directly with membership? I think it should. I don't think we can tell it; there has been some clamour among LC members to do this work. This is the Jack Aponte proposal, I don't know if folks would do it. Can we enhance it with other folks? It should be done, and is a step toward getting content.
     113>Hilary: I see what's being discussed in two different ways. Great to have LC involved in member outreach. Other boards are required to give a donation, get another donation. Ongoing process of gathering content? I don't know that LC role is sustainable. A committee is needed. Gathering content is good, we'll have to
     114>Rasha - Jamie's addition is more about tech component not content side.  Not interested in idea of directly communicating with LC and doing outreach in that way.  It's a capacit issue.  Good as part of plan to get content, but it seems that there are other ways to gather this information.  This is part of the work that is done with Project South.
     115>Hilary: content subcommittee to support coordination of content given limited time for staff (Hilary).
     116>Stephen: a question for folks: do you want to be a part of this committee?
     117>Hilary: contacts to journalists, activists, members, support staff for tech, alfredo column.
     118>Hilary: mainly staff are coordinating content. I am not bottomlining everything.
     119>Stephen: great invitation to engage members.
     120>>Rasha: great proposal to LC to join content coordination committee. for members to contribute content, there's probably a need for a clear invitation, multiple ways: alfredo's proposal is an additional way to include it as part of general member outreach. Also direct asks of folks who are already creating content.
     121>Alfredo: strong consensus in leadership... GGJ, South by Southwest, Project South as members doing big national campaigns. Their work is a contribution to MFPL.
     122>Hilary: this is a way we talk to members, we don't know if they're reading it. Connect members to MFPL, but also raise MFPL profile in other forums.
     123>Stephen: change website, look, content.
     124>Hilary: another question i have, how to go about getting anything started?
     125>>Stephen: that is structure, but still needs a design overlay. We need design work done on what the site will look like.
     126>Hilary: not just content, but also design.
     127>>Stephen: Aaron has done design, we need translation into Spanish to get his thoughts.
     128>>Aaron: last week, volunteer committee proposed a survey, maybe 2 weeks we will have answers to help clarify what's inside MFPL and how people feel about participating here. THis will help us understand from within. has some graphic ideas, just the beginning.
     129>Stephen: lift up next steps for what we should we do.
     130>Stephen: one LC person facilitating each meeting for subcommittee or other teams. If we bring in more members, we want them to feel that the structure is there.
     131>Hilary: requirement for participation. some of the LC committees are less broad in their commitments. Allow more members to jump on board.
     133=== Agenda for next meeting: ===
     135    * set workgroup for LowDown, talking to members, LC members
     136    * define projects that need working groups
     137    * Website Design and Development - connect to Support Team
     139=== Actions before next meeting ===
     140    * Stephen will start on Phase 1 of LowDown proposal, Drupal 7 set up.
     141    * Rasha will facilitate, Hilary will support agenda draft, Agenda Draft will go to OPCommittee list to revise/amend before call
     143== Next Call 2nd Monday of June, 6.10.2013 3:30pm New York / 2:30pm Mexico City ==