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Onlyoffice is a web-based collaborative editing office suite that is integrated into Nextcloud.

This page is for administrators and describes how it is installed and can be upgraded.

Only office is installed on lugones using the domain, following the onlyoffice linux install directions. Note: you must have sudo installed.

Everything is now in puppet in the lugones.pp file except the steps outlined in the how too (creating postgres database).

In addition, I performed a variation on the instructions for getting https working - creating my own /etc/nginx/conf.d/onlyoffice-documentserver.conf (which is backed up on /root). The original remained behind with a .off extension.

When debugging, there are local settings in /etc/onlyoffice - of particular interest is /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/local.json. In addition, logging happens in /var/log/onlyoffice.


If upgrade fails and onlyoffice nextcloud integration breaks (fails to load properly), these steps worked:

  1. apt purge onlyoffice-documentserver
  2. As postgres, dropdb onlyoffice; dropuser onlyoffice
  3. rm -rf /var/www/onlyoffice; rm -rf /etc/onlyoffice

Then, re-install from scratch.