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    1212=== Schedule ===
    13  * Introduce presenters (~2 minutes)
    14  * Highlight ideas to keep in mind (~2 minutes)
    15  * introduce role play (~2 minutes)
    16  * role play (~30 minutes)
    17  * discussion and wrapup (~30 minutes)
     14 * Introduce presenters, basic overview: security is about making tradeoffs, not everything is right for everyone (~3 minutes) : `jamie`
     15 * Highlight ideas to keep in mind (see [wiki:nyc_anarchist_book_fair_2008#UnderlyingIdeas Underlying Ideas section below]) (~3 minutes) : `dkg`
     16 * Tell major stories (see [wiki:nyc_anarchist_book_fair_2008#UseCasesCaseStudies Case Studies section below]) (~15 minutes) : `micah`
     17 * role play (~20 minutes) : `takethestreets`
     18 * discussion and wrapup (~30 minutes) : introduced by `???`
    2020== Underlying Ideas ==
    3131  Is the communications medium i'm using something i can rely on?  Who controls the medium?  Can it be shut down or interrupted?  Will it be there when i need it urgently?
     33== Framing Questions ==
     35Get people to think about these questions, even if they don't know all the answers
     37 * what are you doing?
     38 * who are your adversaries?
     39 * what might they be capable of doing?
     40 * what parts of the themes are you concerned about?
    3342== Use Cases/Case Studies ==
    3544We're interested in addressing particular common scenarios.  We're not lawyers, so we won't get into legal advice.
    37 Some scenarios that we want people to think about (via role play and discussion - see below) are:
     46Some scenarios that we will explicitly tell before the roleplay are:
     48 * "private" mailing list for NYC activist group on corporate provider being monitored by police
     49 * portside archive removal by yahoo groups
     50 * attempted seizure of Seattle IMC servers during Quebec FTAA conference
     52Other scenarios:
    3954 * Chinese dissident bloggers getting their personal info turned over to the authorities from their blog hosts
    4055 * Upstream ISPs shutting down your site in response to a DMCA cease'n'desist or other thread of legal action.
    4762== Role Play ==
    49 Roleplay notes are here: [wiki:RolePlay RolePlay]
    51 We have not fully figured out what role plays we can do or how to organize them. We discussed having one role play that attempts to address the scenarios/use cases above or doing a series of simpler role plays, each one addressing one or a few of the scenarios/use cases above.
    53 One role play we discuss: each participant is issued an identity, objectives, and complicating restrictions.
    55 People in the room all stand in a circle, facing outward, away from each other, but with hands within reach. People do not walk around.  Each person has a pad of paper and a pen, and is issued an "e-mail address".
    57 One subgroup of people in the room is a group of activists, trying to select a time for their next action (a surprise picket, say).  They need to pick a time when as many of them can make it as possible, and they need to do this by writing notes on paper and handing them off around the room.
    59 Other scenarios/objectives?
     64Roleplay notes are at [wiki:RolePlay]
    6166== Followup ==
    62 We should pass around a signup sheet asking for people to indicate interest in a followup workshop -- for example, if there's a sense that the crowd really wants to learn how to use OpenPGP, we'd like to schedule a time that interested folks can actually get trainings.
     67We should pass around a signup sheet asking for people to indicate interest in a followup workshop.
     69For OpenPGP, we should announce plans to have ongoing OpenPGP workshops at the No Rio Computer Center on Sunday afternoons, if that works for people.
    6471== Materials ==
    6572What materials will we need to provide?
    67  * Paper, pens, identity badges (playing cards?), instructions, envelopes for role play
    68  * carbon paper for simulating a mailing list?
     74 * Paper, pens, identity signs, instructions, markers, envelopes for role play : `takethestreets`
     75 * butcher paper for presentation, more markers : `dkg`
     77=== Unaccounted for materials ==
    6978 * signup sheets for followup
    7079 * posters to invite people to the workshop