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     2= Computer and communications security workshop at the 2008 [ NYC Anarchist Book Fair] =
     4== Logistical Details ==
     6This will be a 75 minute workshop on Saturday, 2008-04-12, from 12:45 to 14:00.
     8We're expecting around 20-25 people, most of whom will be non-techies, but anarchists and activists who are interested in how to better understand the online tools they use.
     10=== Schedule ===
     11 * Introduce presenters (~2 minutes)
     12 * Highlight ideas to keep in mind (~2 minutes)
     13 * introduce role play (~2 minutes)
     14 * role play (~30 minutes)
     15 * discussion and wrapup (~30 minutes)
     18== Underlying Ideas ==
     20We want to help people to evaluate their online activities in reference to ideas that they're already somewhat comfortable with from their everyday life.  Four useful ideas people can use to evaluate their communications strategies are:
     22 Privacy::
     23  Who can see my communications?  Is it only the people i expect?  What does privacy mean when sending the same message to many people?  Who can breach the privacy?
     24 Authenticity::
     25  When i receive messages, how do i know who they're from?  Are they really from that person?  When i communicate messages where my identity is important and relevant, how can the people i'm communicating with know that my messages are really from me?
     26 Anonymity::
     27  When i want to communicate ''without'' divulging my identity (whistleblowing, etc), how can i be sure that my identity is protected?
     28 Reliability/Access::
     29  Is the communications mechanism i'm using something i can rely on?  Who controls the mechanism?  Can the mechanism be shut down or interrupted?
     31== Role Play ==
     33We're going to lead a role play where each participant is issued an identity, objectives, and complicating restrictions.