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    105105== Can I create groups of people to share with? ==
    107 Yes you can!
     107Yes you can! You can use our next feature called "circles."
    109109=== First, create user accounts for all of your users. ===
    115115=== Now organize your shares ===
    117  * Create a special user in the [ members control panel] to administer your Nextcloud for your organization (e.g. yourorg-nextcloud-admin).
    118  * Login to Nextcloud as this user and create your shared folders and calendars. You can create one folder and one calendar that everyone has access to or multiple folders and calendars with different access.
    119  * As this special user, share the folder/calendar with the contacts that should have access.
     117 * You can take the following steps as any user in your organization. However, we recommend creating a special user in the control panel (e.g. yourorg-nextcloud-admin). That way, if you leave the organization, there can be an easy and smooth transition to maintaing your shares and you don't have to worry about shares being deleted if you delete their account.
     118 * Login to Nextcloud and click the Circles application (the circle with three dots around it).
     119 * Create a new circle by filling in a name
     120 * Select the circle type. We recommend creating a "secret" circle. If you choose a closed circle, the people you add will need to confirm membership before they are added to the circle.
     121 * Now create the folders and calendars you want to share. You can assign one or more circles to each share.
     122 * Any user can create folders and calendars and share them with your circles - however, if that user is very removed from the control panel, then your shares will go with them. So, creating a dedicated user is a good idea.
    121124=== General maintenance ===
    123  * Everytime a new user comes or goes, log in as the special user and add or remove them to the shares in question
     126 * Everytime a new user comes or goes, log in as the special user and add or remove them to the appropriate circles.