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    1414[[Image(teams.png, link=]]
     16== Do you need help? ==
     18If you are having trouble using the system, you might be interested in [wiki:how_to_use_support_system the beginner instructions]. After [ logging in], you can [ report your problem here]. Someone should respond to your post within a few hours.  (If you are having trouble logging in, you can still post a ticket, just make sure to include your email address to receive a response from the Support Team)
     20== How do I login? ==
     22Please click on the Login link at the top right of the page. If you are a May First/People Link member there is no need to register - simply enter the same username and password that you use when checking your email or editing your web pages (using sftp).
     24== Want to get involved? ==
     26A good place to start is our [wiki:participate participate page]. It lists a few searches based on common keywords (to prevent total ticket overload). If you would like to see more tickets, you can browse the [/timeline Timeline] and see the latest tickets or click [/query View Tickets] and sort them based on your interests and skills (both of these views can be subscribed to as an RSS feed). You can also get notified of every ticket via the [ support-broadcast email list] to which all tickets are sent.
     28También puedes ayudar haciendo traducciones :)