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    1 '''Mumble'''
     1= Mumble =
    3 Mumble is a cross-platform software that connects to a VOIP Murmir server. Mumble only supports audio communication and no video. The installation of mumble is very quick and it recommended to use the Audio Wizard to setup your microphone. Mumble maintains a very high quality sounding audio with a very low demand for bandwidth, however unlike most other VOIP services the use of a headphones is highly recommended to [ avoid the echo effect].
     3Mumble is an audio conference system.
    5 For mumble please [ download and install their software] (also Available for IPhone and Android)
     5You can install mumble in minutes on [ Windows, Mac OS X, Linux] (scroll to the Download section) and even on [ iPhones] or [ Android phones].
    7 '''To setup your Microphone'''
     7== To setup your Microphone ==
     9For desktop users, it's a good idea to spend a few minutes configuratio your audio.
    811Click Configure --> Audio Wizard Follow the instructions in the Audio wizard for best sound quality.
    10 '''To specify the May First server:'''
     13== To specify the May First server ==
    1115Click Server --> Connect --> Add New
    2024The 'May First People Link' server will be listed in your Favorites. You can select the connection from your Favorites and then Click Connect.
    22 This will place you into the Main Square which is where all where enter. You can now talk with whomever is in the Mains Square.
     26This will place you into the Main Square which is where all where enter. You can now talk with whomever is in the Main Square.
    24 '''Tips'''
     28== Administration ==
    26 * Create and Administer a sub-Channel.
    27   Click Channel --> Add --> Add Channel Window
    28   In the Add Channel Window you can specify a Name and Description
    29   After Clicking OK it will place you in that Channel (Note: you will not hear anyone in other channels or the Main Square only the people in the Channel you are in).
    30   As the creator of the Channel you can now administer it by Clicking Channel --> Edit
    31   Administrators of a Channel can further configure it through [ ACL & Groups]
     30MF/PL admins can review [wiki:murmur the server admin page].
    33 * Register you user
    34   Click Self --> Register
    36 * If you are Running [ MacOSX and experiencing problems]