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     3= Mumble Channels=
     5Mumble allows you to connect to different channels or subchannels. Channels function like isolated rooms,everyone joins them can hear each other and have a conversation. We have created some default channels but you can also add new channels to the May First Mumble server.
     7== Add new channel ==
     9All channels are subchannels of the main Root channel. Right click on the **Root** channel label and choose **Add..** from the menu.
     10A pop up window will allow you to assign a name and other properties to the new channel. Click ok to save you changes.
     11You will be moved to the new channel by default. The channel is temporary and will only exist as long as someone is inside of it. If you are the last person to leave the channel it will close automatically.
     13== Edit channel ==
     15If you have created a new channel you should permission to edit its properties. Right click on the label for you channel and choose **Edit...**
     17== Assign password ==
     19If you edit the channel you can assign a password in the **Password** field. Make a note of your password. Click **OK** to Save your changes.
     20Other users need to setup an Access Token with this password to join the channel.
     22== Access tokens ==
     24Access tokens function like a list of keys or passwords. Under the **Server** menu you can choose **Access Tokens...**
     25In the pop up window choose **Add** and enter the password you would like to add. Click **OK** to save. You should be able to enter any room protected with this password now.