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Install Mumble for iPhone

This page helps you install mumble on an iPhone.


The first step is to install the mumble app.

Open your App store and search for: mumble

When you find it:

  • Click Get
  • Click Install
  • Click Open

... or visit the app via this link.

Grant permission to Mic

When you open Mumble, it will ask you to grant permission to use the mic. Click Ok.

Choose favorites

Next, you will be given a choice of servers to connect to.

Select Favorites.

Click plus to add favorite

No favorites have been entered yet. Click the + sign to add one.


Enter server details

Now, enter the details for our server.


  • May First
  • For port, don't enter anything (it will use the default value)
  • For Username, enter the name you want to be listed as
  • Leave password blank.

Select Favorite

Now, your favorite is listed. Tap it to connect.

Connect to favorite

Select "Connect" to make the connection.

Mute yourself

Once you are in, please mute yourself.

Tap the "Hamburger" menu (the one with the three lines in the top right corner).

Then, click "self-mute"

Tap to enter a room

Now, you can enter a room by tapping it.

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