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Interpreter Setup


Note: Interpreters must use the Desktop version of mumble - you cannot interpret using the iPhone or Android versions.

Mumble is an Internet voice-based conference system. It uses the concept of "rooms" to allow different groups of people to have separate conversations.

During an interpreted meeting, the interpreter, everyone who is bi-lingual and everyone who understands the language of the current speaker stay in "Meeting" room.

People who need interpretation move into the room called "Interpret."

People are free to move between rooms as necessary: anyone who wants to speak can move to the "Meeting" room. When a speaker is speaking a language you understand, you can move to the Meeting room as well. When a speaker is not speaking a language you understand, you can move yourself to the Interpret room to hear the interpretation.

The interpreter always remains in the Meeting Room and always interprets what they hear into the Interpet room.

Interpreter Setup

While everyone else who speaks in the Main room is heard by the people in that room, the Interpreter uses a special feature called "Whisper/Shout" that allows them to be in the Meeting room, but speak to people in the Interpret room.

The first step is to configure your mumble client to use "Push to talk".

  • Click Configure -> Settings
  • Click Audio Input on the left
  • Under Transmit, select Push to Talk

With this setting in place, you are muted automatically unless you either click the floating "Push to Talk" button or you setup a key combination that must be pressed down in order to enable your mic.

The second step is to configure a short cut for push to talk and for whisper/shout.

  • Click Configure -> Settings
  • Click Short cuts on the left
  • Click Add to add a new shortcut

  • Click "unassigned" and select "Push to Talk"

  • Click where it says "Press Shortcut"

  • Press the key combination on your keyboard that you want to assign to talking. I recommend holding down both the Windows Key and the Alt key on the left side of our space bar.

  • Now create a short cut for talking into the interpretation channel
  • Click Add to add a new shortcut
  • Select "Whisper/Shout"
  • Click Press shortcut and then select a different key combination for interpretation. I recommend holding down both the Alt and Menu keys on the right side of your space bar.
  • Lastly, click where it says "Empty" under the Data heading and click on the button with three dots

  • Select the "Shout to channel" option
  • Select the "Interpret" target

Click OK. You are done!

Now, when you hold down your push to talk buttons, your icon's lips turn red:

And, when you hold down your whisper/shout buttons, your icon's lips turn blue:

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