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Blogging at May First/People Link

Blogging at MF/PL is still in beta '''

We're preparing for the launch of a blogging service for MF/PL members. Though it's not ready to go just yet, this page will soon contain information about how to use your blog as an MF/PL member.

While the site is still under development, it can be reached at

As an MF/PL member you are welcome to participate in this "beta" by using the site (starting your own blog!) and reporting any problems you run into. You can also clean up and improve any instructions here.

Note: many MF/PL members already have blogs of their own. This page is about a specific blogging service offered by MF/PL, which is separate from any other blogs.


FIXME: what do members need to know about how to use the site?

  • OpenID login?
  • Navigation?


If you have a problem with the system, please open a new ticket so we can help you resolve it.

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