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MFPL 2010 Web site redesign

  • Over all
    • Create more of a movement feel on the site
    • Easier navigation - less clicks to get full information
    • Easier to browse MFPL generated content
  • Navigation changes
    • Top right menu: eliminate Get Involved Link
    • Red/Tab navigation
      • Move to top of page
      • Add drop down sub-menus for each menu item
      • Blog: change to News, submenus: Service Advisories, Lowdown, Videos, Member Blogs
      • About Us, submenus: Get Involved, Contact Us
      • Membership (Membership Overview), submenus: Join Us, Hosting and other Membership Benefits and Services, Statement of Unity, Why Join May First/People Link
      • Join Us: eliminate
      • Hosting (no change)
      • Projects
  • Views:
    • Service Advisories (block and page)
    • Lowdown (block and page)
    • Videos (block and page)
    • Member Blogs (block and page)
    • Member profiles (block and page)
  • Home page changes:
    • Changing protest photo along very top
    • Members (CCK type): could stay the same or could be changing content block
    • Each left side bar item is a block that can be placed in various places on the home page - unclear where exactly
    • Members news: content type, in which multiple ones can be displayed