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     2= mf-audit-crypt-disks =
     4== Synopsis ==
     5This command ensures we have the encrypted disk passphrase.  This command only gets used on encrypted disks.
     7== Description ==
     8It creates a new passphrase for the encrypted disk after checking for encrypted disk.  For every disk it finds is a prompt to create a new passphrase.  Once it checks for the default passphrase from the user, it creates a new passphrase, which it will ultimately delete.  The user is asked for a passphrase four times in order to verify both new password creation and deletion of the newly created passphrase.  If everything goes correctly, you should be able to enter the same passphrase four times.
     9If you discover that you do not have the passphrase.  Contact another support member who does.  In this case DO NOT REBOOT THE SERVER!
     11== Examples ==
     130 florence:~# mf-audit-crypt-disks
     14md1_crypt /dev/md1 none luks
     15crypt-audit: Testing key slot availability for '/dev/md1'
     16crypt-audit: Testing passphrase for '/dev/md1'
     17Enter any passphrase:
     18Key slot 0 unlocked.
     19Enter new passphrase for key slot:
     20Verify passphrase:
     21Command successful.
     22crypt-audit: Passphrase correct, removing slot
     23Enter any remaining LUKS passphrase:
     24Key slot 0 unlocked.
     25Key slot 0 verified.
     26Command successful.
     27crypt-audit: Success
     280 florence:~#
     31== See Also ==