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    33= Related Page =
    44* //[wiki:Symfony/Etaps-to-build-a-website-with-doctrine-and-sonata-admin Etaps to Build a Symfony Website with Doctrine and Sonata admin]//
     5= Bugs =
     6Bugs as such cannot be reported. They have to be brought to light in a development version of Symfony with strong arguments and it is recommended to correct them on a fork and to make a pull request. So it may be better to go around at first development time and to correct only then really needed. 2017-01
     7== Templating ==
     8There is a problem using twig array loader in Symfony framework, template including for statement produce an error. Tested in 2.8.16 and 3.2.2.
     9[ symfony/templating]
     10== Form ==
     11(Warning: Form concentrates a huge quantity of issues in Symfony. It seems best to favor use of long term version (LTS) of Symfony then using this component.)
     12* In version 3.2.2, the instructions in the official manual for separate component use result in no form beeing displayed, with Whoops an uninformative error can be obtained. It has not been tested if symfony/debug component can see something.
     13* In 2.8 instructions are different and it works, the API seems to have change between versions.
     14[ symfony/form]
     15[ symfony/debug]
     16[ symfony/debug-bundle]
    517== Symfony Programming ==