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PHP Libraries


$ composer require hybridauth/hybridauth


  • easy


  • easy


  • easy (no secret information needed)

Yahoo OpenID::

Microsoft Live::

  • Not clear if the domain root URL can be used as redirect URI
  • Using the domain root URL as redirect URI results in an error at the time of clicking the icon on the registered web site
  • It is not possible to register inside Microsoft developper website a redirect URI similar to the one used for Google, because some caracteres are not accepted.
  • one could try to make a simpler redirection URI which would redirect to the one simililar to the one used for Google.
  • microsoft oauth2 application id
  • Getting Your Client ID for Web Authentication
  • Mes applications


jessie (stable) bpo stretch (testing) /usr/share/php/
composer/composer 2016-03-27 b # composer Composer
hybridauth/hybridauth 2016-01-12 2.6
psr/log 2012-12-21 1.0 1.0 1.0 php-psr-log Psr/Log
symfony/symfony 2016-02-28 3.0 2.3 2.8 php-symfony-framework-bundle Symfony/Bundle/FrameworkBundle DebianPackage /usr/share/php/ DebianPackage /usr/share/php/ DebianPackage /usr/share/php/ DebianPackage /usr/share/php/ DebianPackage /usr/share/php/