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Some Drush commands

  • drush -v help
  • drush -v status
    • drush -v core-status
  • drush -v status-report
  • drush -v elysia-cron
  • drush -v core-cron
  • drush -v pm-refresh
    • drush -v rf
  • drush -v pm-download
    • drush -v dl
  • drush -v pm-updatecode
    • drush -v upc
  • drush -v pm-update
    • drush -v up
  • drush -v pm-list
    • drush -v pml
    • drush --status=enabled pm-list
  • drush pm-info <admin_menu|...>
  • drush pm-enable
  • drush pm-disable
  • drush -v updatedb
    • drush -v updb
  • drush libraries-list
  • drush -v l10n-update-status
  • drush -v cache-clear
  • drush -v bam-sources
  • use --uri="" then sending mail for simplenews
  • nice...

Drupal installation profile (minimal or standard)

Installing Drupal 7 or 8 with Composer (on a development server outside MayFirst)

$ composer create-project "drupal-composer/drupal-project" <directory>

Drupal 7 specificities of Composer install

Inactivate Drush download

Using symlinks to avoid duplication of code and save server memory

Installing Drupal 7 or 8 with Drush (on a development server outside MayFirst)

$ drush help site-install
$ drush dl drupal-7
$ cd drupal-7.43/
$ drush site-install minimal --db-url=sqlite://sites/default/files/.ht.sqlite
$ drush site-install standard --locale=fr # worked after using the web interface to configure the database.
$ drush site-install standard --locale=fr --db-url="pgsql:/host=/var/run/postgresql" # worked note the "/"!(?)
$ drush rs
$ drush site-install minimal --db-url="pgsql:host=/var/run/postgresql;dbname=infolettre-alici-webadmin;user=infolettre-alici-webadmin" # reade "ost" instead of "host"
  • Not sure if an ; at the end of PostgreSQL db-url changes something...
  • Try more than once!
  • It may be easier with web interface.
  • Considere drush site-install after a web install and database reinitialization.
  • Installation with --local may take considerably more time (d7, d8)

git for Drupal

$ git ls-remote --tags <repository> | sort --key=2 --version-sort | less
$ git clone --branch <branch or tag> <repository> <directory>

Drupal 8 requirements and particularities

CKEditor for Drupal 7

Lets'use wysiwyg module

  • Supported Editors Matrix
  • $ drush dl --select wysiwyg
  • $ drush dl wysiwyg-2.x-dev
  • $ drush en wysiwyg
  • $ drush status-report
  • .../sites/all/libraries$ ln -s .../bower_components/ckeditor/ .

Does not work! Brobably because of symbolic links... better use .bowerrc to set target directory as suggested above.

Drupal Modules

Installing and removing modules

Drupal 7 and 8 correspondancy

Tooltip example 2b

Tooltip example 2h

"Tooltip 2g" Tooltip example 2g

"Tooltip 2h" Tooltip example 2h

Tooltip example 2e

Tooltip example 2f

Tooltip example 2c does not work

multiline` Tooltip example 2d

Tooltip example 4a

#!span title="Tooltip 2a" Tooltip example 2a

multiline tooltip" Tooltip example 3a

multiline tooltip

Tooltip example 3b }}}

D7 ordered Drupal 8 Drupal 7 D8 ordered
Activity Tracker
Automated Cron
Navbar, Administration menu Admin Toolbar
Admin Toolbar Extra Tools


OpenID Connect



Inside Drupal



Drupal 8




Managing cache

Drupal 7 contrib, but in Drupal 8 core

APCu and APC