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Some Drush commands

  • drush -v help
  • drush -v status
    • drush -v core-status
  • drush -v status-report
  • drush -v elysia-cron
  • drush -v core-cron
  • drush -v pm-refresh
    • drush -v rf
  • drush -v pm-download
    • drush -v dl
  • drush -v pm-updatecode
    • drush -v upc
  • drush -v pm-update
    • drush -v up
  • drush -v pm-list
    • drush -v pml
    • drush --status=enabled pm-list
  • drush pm-info <admin_menu|...>
  • drush pm-enable
  • drush pm-disable
  • drush -v updatedb
    • drush -v updb
  • drush libraries-list
  • drush -v l10n-update-status
  • drush -v cache-clear
  • drush -v bam-sources
  • use --uri="" then sending mail for simplenews
  • nice...

Drupal installation profile (minimal or standard)

Installing Drupal 7 or 8 with Composer (on a development server outside MayFirst)

$ composer create-project "drupal-composer/drupal-project" <directory>

Drupal 7 specificities of Composer install

Inactivate Drush download

Using symlinks to avoid duplication of code and save server memory

Installing Drupal 7 or 8 with Drush (on a development server outside MayFirst)

$ drush help site-install
$ drush dl drupal-7
$ cd drupal-7.43/
$ drush site-install minimal --db-url=sqlite://sites/default/files/.ht.sqlite
$ drush site-install standard --locale=fr # worked after using the web interface to configure the database.
$ drush site-install standard --locale=fr --db-url="pgsql:/host=/var/run/postgresql" # worked note the "/"!(?)
$ drush rs
$ drush site-install minimal --db-url="pgsql:host=/var/run/postgresql;dbname=infolettre-alici-webadmin;user=infolettre-alici-webadmin" # reade "ost" instead of "host"
  • Not sure if an ; at the end of PostgreSQL db-url changes something...
  • Try more than once!
  • It may be easier with web interface.
  • Considere drush site-install after a web install and database reinitialization.
  • Installation with --local may take considerably more time (d7, d8)

git for Drupal

$ git ls-remote --tags <repository> | sort --key=2 --version-sort | less
$ git clone --branch <branch or tag> <repository> <directory>

Drupal 8 requirements and particularities

CKEditor for Drupal 7

Lets'use wysiwyg module

  • Supported Editors Matrix
  • $ drush dl --select wysiwyg
  • $ drush dl wysiwyg-2.x-dev
  • $ drush en wysiwyg
  • $ drush status-report
  • .../sites/all/libraries$ ln -s .../bower_components/ckeditor/ .

Does not work! Brobably because of symbolic links... better use .bowerrc to set target directory as suggested above.

Drupal Modules

Tooltip example 2b

Tooltip example 2h

"Tooltip 2g" Tooltip example 2g

"Tooltip 2h" Tooltip example 2h

Tooltip example 2e

Tooltip example 2f

Tooltip example 2c does not work

multiline` Tooltip example 2d

Tooltip example 4a

#!span title="Tooltip 2a" Tooltip example 2a

multiline tooltip" Tooltip example 3a

multiline tooltip

Tooltip example 3b }}}

D7 ordered Drupal 8 Drupal 7 D8 ordered
Activity Tracker
Automated Cron
Administration menu Admin Toolbar
Admin Toolbar Extra Tools



Inside Drupal



Drupal 8




Managing cache

Drupal 7 contrib, but in Drupal 8 core

APCu and APC