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    1 = Annual Plans: =
     1== Meetings ==
    3 2014: [wiki:/member-admin/plans/2014]
     3'''Next Meeting''' -- Jan 31, 2014 @ 4pm EST
     4Meeting Notes:
     6Previous Meeting notes:
     9== Resources ==
     11= Annual Plan: =
     13Work in Process:  Annual Plan for 2014: [wiki:/member-admin/plans/2014]
     15Here is [ the list of conferences] we're considering attending.
     17'''Joining Meetings:'''
     19All are always invited to our meetings conducted via conference call.
     21To join the conference call:
     23The preferred method: download Firefox version 23 or higher, or
     24Chrome/Chromium version 28 or higher and visit:
     27Using your regular phone, dial: +1.718.303.3204 and press 6, then
     28press 1 #
     30Using a sip phone client:
     32    sip
     33    sip proxy address:
     34    password: public
     35    Dial:, then press 1 #
     37When you join the conference, you enter the general conference channel
     38by default.
     40In the general conference channel, you can hear all participants as
     41they speak their preferred language. When you speak, all participants
     42in the general conference channel can hear you.
     44If you press the 1 key, you enter the interpretation channel. On this
     45channel, people in the general conference channel can hear you but,
     46you can no longer hear them. Instead, you only hear what is being said
     47in the interpretion channel. You can return to the general conference
     48channel by pressing 0.
     50If you press 2, you enter the interpretation channel as an interpreter
     51and we ask that this channel only be used by people doing the
     52interpretation work for the meeting.
     54To return to the general channel, press 0.