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     1Membership May 8, 2014
     3• Attendence: mv, hilary, erq, analia
     4• Privacy Project
     5∘ erq: sent a message to EFF lawyers, but I did not hear back, but hilary and mv heard back. EFF said they were not experienced in writing privacy policies.
     6∘ erq: as soon as I get to Aaron's office where the education working group is meeting, he will reply to the EFF. We could push this process forward, by doing a comparison of different policies and legal policies and protection of data from different ISP that are politically progressive and try to understand how they are organized and what issue they are ... by having the comparison of other organizations we can build our own policy and legal statements in a collective way. erq will try to initiate this in the wiki. So Abi and grainnie could take a look and try to help with the different issues, well we could comment as well.
     7∘ hilary: to have an activity about determining what is our policy to make it more interesting. Try to make awareness of what people think about it and make it not so legalese.
     8• Social Network
     9∘ mv: encouraging the use to test out the and explained the details of the proposal sent to the Support team to start out the discussion and seeking further response.
     10• Brief report on why I am a member survey
     11∘ Sent to the LC and only got one response. Collecting and gathering civicrm. Need more training Mailing List, Activities.
     12‣ mv needs to setup email.
     13‣ coding of groups
     14• LC group
     15• working group emails
     16• Geographic area
     17• thinking about mailings lists
     18• getting the survey
     19• mv & hilary will meet to go over CiviCRM details
     20• People Links
     21∘ Terms of the next, not confirmed, to be Abi & Grannie to talk about privacy and
     22∘ need facilitator
     23‣ maybe shorter, 30 minutes,
     24‣ mv recommends to have a podcast instead of the live show and build up to a live show down the road.
     25‣ mv to write up what would be needed to do it.
     26‣ should we continue with the live effort or move to the podcast effort.
     27‣ ideas for june, AMC possibly to do it from there. Could be a report back from the AMC. Radical Librarians, radical archival stuff, been to palestine and worked there. Maybe to discuss what they did.
     28• Recruitment to the team.
     29∘ hilary availability high in the summer but concern about the fall as work expands.
     30∘ Need to recruit more members to the group
     31∘ hilary, forgot to send out the new structure to get people engaged.
     32‣ the page on the wiki where the details are.
     33∘ erq wants to know if there names he heard were subscribed to this list.
     34∘ there is an admin list now, but not sure who is on which.
     35∘ we should invite more groups to the work shops we have scheduled for may 22nd in Mexico City. Mainly focused on reviewing which tools, we got a recommendation to invite non-members to get to know these tools and our political proposal. i will do that and let you know which other organizations will be considered.