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Meeting notes: On call, Pablo, Stephen, Hilary, Analia

People Links - topic was switched to discuss Heart Bleed and work with our support team Pablo will write an article based on the discussion and help with outreach. Stephen will work on adding civicrm

We discussed outreach - and the need to be more targeted. We should identify groups and networks who can outreach to their groups and networks. We need to spread out our distro tasks more specifically. Need to think of profiles of our members that can help with issue based outreach.

Why I'm A Member - need to send out. Pablo is reformatting for Mexico members. Stephen met with Workers AAE who is interested in providing a statement.

Civicrm update - 1/2 through the switch. Control panel is now syncing daily. Data needs to be expanded. Need to think about billing, tech, general contacts and hosting orders.

Limited discussion of the fact that the admin and membership teams are now officially separate entities.