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     1Membership Admin Meeting   4-Feb-2014
     5Hilary, Louis, Enrique, Pablo, Stephen, Analía
     7Hilary asks us to send responses to questionnaire. 
     8According to the doodle, we'll be meeting on Thursdays from 4 to 5 PM NY time. 
     10The aim is to identify goals and work on the budget. 
     11Louis: I will be on the road but working. I'll be happy to work on what comes out of this discussion and work on a presentation for the Mexico meeting.
     13Louis: How well defined are the line budget for last years?
     14Hilary: We came up with this list with Jamie, but we can re-work it in a way that makes for sense for us. 
     16Revising the budget.
     17Clarification questions by Louis:
     18Bad debt expense: Lost fees in membership dues (what people said they will pay but didn't). 
     19It would be helpful to have some little descriptions next to each lines. 
     21Louis will look at Hilary's notes from the last membership meeting and will be contact Hilary on Thursday in case he has questions.
     23Budget allocation for projects
     241) Finance review - aprox. 1000 USD
     252) Database - Migration to CiviCRM; Stephen to discuss this with Jamie and estimate costs.
     263) Why I'm a member - We might want to print some materials: printing + postage (ideally design support). This is for internal membership; the brochure is part of the outreach strategy.
     27Hilary: Members receive many emails; a printed welcome package could be nice. But we can do it online. But the question is if we want the possibility of printing.
     28Enrique: Should we think about hiring a desinger?
     29Hilary: I think it will be a good idea.
     30Analía: We can add this to the website re-design work, so we can have some template to re-use in emails.
     31Louis suggests using the line "Communications".
     324) For the privacy project we can rely on our website and email. Unless partner organizations (EFF) ask for consultancy fees, this shouldn't involve a cost for us. Enrique will confirm this with EFF if this is included in the free legal support they do for us. If they aren't willing to do it we can also ask Abi and the NLG to help us find someone else.
     335) The orientation videos would probably cost aprx. 1000.
     346) Videos
     357) Website - We'll be paying attention to overlap with outreach team.
     368) Staffing - Do we need to hire someone else?
     37Enrique: We indeed need administrative help for the Mexico City office. If we have another call before the f2f meeting I can have a proposal.
     39Hilary is wokring one day a week, mainly with accounting and membership dues.
     40Do we need to bring in someone else?
     41Louis: It will be more useful to discuss it f2f in the Mexico city.
     43Next meeting: Monday 7 pm NY time.
     44Enrique: Can we assign ourselves projects and come up with better estimates.
     46Stephen: CiviCRM
     47Hilary: Why I'm a mamber, orientation video, people links.
     48Louis: Web design
     49Enrique: Privacy statement, administrative staff in Mexico
     50Analía: People links.