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Agenda for Saturday, March 5, 2011 Support Team work session

Goal of the weekend: Create virtual server running squeeze to take over the functionality of (red, etc.) and (openid).

The yaks to be shaved:

  • Extend the work of the last session, in which we worked out how to setup a new lenny kvm instance to install squeeze:
    • update and test a new preseed file
      • add puppet to the late command
  • Fix betelgeuse - the puppet master (to respond to
  • Test puppet: we now have a working puppet configuration (at least working in a test environment)
  • Implement transition plan

Borrowed from the last meeting (remove if irrelevant)

  • GPG key signing/Monkeysphere review
    • Monkeysphere working with Windows/PuTTY
  • Training: how to access console for physical servers via telehouse xo sunsetpark
    • Access to paley
  • Moving services on chun to jojobe (#3776)
    • Make a list of all glue records
  • Setup dedicated virtual server for (#3777)

New items

  • Puppet and Debian upgrades to Squeeze
  • Discuss standard servers split proposal (also #3930)
  • Talking about our media work, the tools we use, the people we support and the equipment we need
  • Rethinking the Lowdown