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How do I get a list of subscribers to my mailman list?

To get a list of subscribers, visit your lists "listinfo" page. The listinfo page can be accessed by a URL like the following:


Replace domain name with the domain name of your list (for example: or Replace the list-name with the name of your list.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email address and password.

NOTE: if your list is configured so that only admins have access to the subscriber list, then you will need to enter an admin email and password. Otherwise, you will need to enter a subscriber's email address and password.

Alternatively (and less securely) you can send an email message to the request address of your list (your request address is: listname-request@… or listname-request@… with "listname" replaced with your actual listname, like support-request@… if your listname was called "support"). For the subject line use:

who <password>

Replace <password> with your list password.

After issuing this command, please change your password!