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     1= How do I make my mailman list private/public? =
     3== When using `` (hosted on leslie) ==
     5The domain `` is designed for email discussion lists and low-volume (less than 10,000 message per week) email announcement lists.
     7By default, when you create an email discussion list with May First/People Link, the list archives are private (only available to subscribers of the list), the list is not publicized on the [ list info page], and the list moderator is required to confirm new subscriptions.
     9This default policy is in place because we would rather make a list private by default rather than risk users falsely believing that their list is private.
     11If you would like your list to be public, you will need to change each of these three settings using your mailman web interface (see the [wiki:mailman_primer mailman primer] for instructions on using your mailman web interface).
     13To change whether or not the list is publicized and to change the new subscription policy, click the Privacy Options -> Subscription rules link.
     15To change the archive options, click the Archive options link.
     17Please note: if you want your list to be private, you will want to change both the option to not publicize your list and to make the archive private. These settings should be made together. If your list is public, it will very likely be discoverable by search engines whether or not you have it officially listed on the [ list info page].
     19= When using `` =
     21The domain `` is designed for large email announcement lists.
     23The default policy for `` is for list archives to be public, lists to be publicized, and subscriptions do not require moderator approval.
     25This policy is consistent with the goal of a large, public, announcement-only list.