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    1 == How do I use mailman? ==
    3 === A mail list program does two basic jobs: ===
     3= How do I use mailman? =
     5== A mail list program does two basic jobs: ==
    57 * It maintains a number of emails grouped as a "list"
    1214As you become more familiar with mailman's administrative screens you may want to work with some of its other capabilities but, in this article, we'll concentrate on the basics -- making a list and emailing it to you.
    14 === To make a list and send to it you will need the following: ===
     16== To make a list and send to it you will need the following: ==
    1618 * an email program, most likely the one you use to do regular email.
    2830If you have all that, we can get started. If not, get in touch with us and ask for what you don't have.
    30 === Populating your list: ===
     32== Populating your list: ==
    3234You can't send an email to a list unless you have a list. In mailman there are a couple of ways to initially build (or "populate") your list, both using the administration screen.
    70 === Announcement Only vs. Discussion list ===
     72== Announcement Only vs. Discussion list ==
    7274By default, your list is a discussion list, which means that anyone who is subscribed to the list can post to the list.
    114116Now your list is ready for mailing. Get's lots easier from now on.
    116 === To mail a post to the list. ===
     118== To mail a post to the list. ==
    118120 * Using your subscribed email address, send the email you want to distribute to your list -- article, opinion, reminder, whatever. Send it in an email to the list email address. Just like you'd send to anyone else.
    138140Your message is now in the hands all those people on the list. And it gets easier and quicker as you get used to these steps. In no time, you'll be issuing message to your list in a couple of minutes.
    140 === How to make people get your permission to subscribe ===
     142== How to make people get your permission to subscribe ==
    142144Under Privacy Options, one of your options is the "What steps are required for subscription" option. If you choose "Require approval" then when someone subscribes they have to be approved by you before they can join the list.
    146148You can also make them do both: "Confirm and approve."
    148 === The rest of the Program ===
     150== The rest of the Program ==
    150152As you work with Mailman you should explore its various capabilities. The best place to start is with the "general configurations" but by all means go through all the admin menus to at least see what they do. Each of them has a help screen that will give you an idea of what things do.