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     1= redacting messages in mailman archives =
     3 runs mailman.  Sometimes information gets posted to a mailman list that should not be public.  Once private information is posted, it has already been leaked.  But people may want to redact information from our publicly-accessible archives or from follow-on list digest mailings, etc.  We should do this sparingly, and only with good reason (e.g. someone posting someone else's private information to a publicly archived list).
     5This page contains information on how an MF/PL administrator can redact messages from a mailman archive to avoid further exposure.  It does not solve the problem that the data has already leaked.
     7Connect to and switch to the mailman user:
     10ssh -t su - list
     13FIXME: can we lock these files so that mailman doesn't clobber them while we edit?  This could be risky on a high-traffic list.
     15Assuming that the message has just recently been sent, edit both the pending digest mail and the current archive:
     18cd /var/lib/mailman
     19$EDITOR archives/private/$listname.mbox/$listname.mbox lists/$listname/digest.mbox
     22Things to watch out for when editing these files:
     23 * avoid removal of entire messages, since that will screw up the public-facing URLs. You may just replace the message body with a body that says "message redacted", for example.
     24 * If you are doing significant surgery, please pay attention to the Content-Type headers, etc, so that the message ends up cleanly formatted
     25 * Avoid creating new lines that start with the word `From` (with any capitalization), since this is how mbox indicates the start of a new e-mail message.
     27Once this is done (still as `list@leslie`) ask mailman to re-build all the archives for that list:
     30./bin/arch $listname
     33(anyone know of a way to do this in a more targeted fashion?  for long lists or high-traffic lists, this step could take ages!)
     35You may also be interested in [ the upstream documentation about removing/redacting messages in mailman] for more detail.