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Lowdown Planning Wiki


Upcoming Article Planning

  • Saved from July - Afredo political statement on privacy
  • Tech corner - open source opportunities and challenges for protecting data - reassigned to Stephen
  • Alfredo - MAGNet Congress update
  • Alfredo - Social Forum Updates for August after next gathering (Alfredo and Ross in attendance)
  • Juan Gerardo - update on COOP formation in Mexico (Enrique to request)
  • Laura - AMEDI - review of telecommunications legislation (Enrique to request)
  • Shazad - discussion of Pakistan Authority/Facebook issue (Jamie to request)


  • Tech - Hilary working with Dana - identify articles for new program - assign short pieces; choose recent common support requests and do short write ups; pull from FAQ as short tutorials/announcements.


*Jamie - political perspective piece on encryption vs security threats -- what's really in our best interest?

*Jamie - MFPL plug piece - history of MFPL run ins with the law - the context of commercial providers and legal requests, why MFPL is different and why you should join.

*Alfredo - In the news - Corporate services/prism/privacy - and we can possibly resurrect the old piece from last year's Lowdown

*Mallory - Intl Perspective - How does data protection work across borders? What are the rights and responsibilities regarding privacy domestically and globally?

*Ross - Tech Corner - OpenSource: opportunities and challenges for protecting data


  • MAGNet - Hilary
  • LC Report - need author - will depend on timing.
  • 100 days organizing - Ross, Rasha, Joseph, Roberto (report and article)


  • Welcome - HG
  • Welcome to Dana - Dana
  • New postal address change
  • Aaron Swartz - Alfredo article
  • Article on WSF Palestine - Mallory -
  • Jamie Radio Interview by APC - jamie (from last issue)
  • LC Report - need author - will depend on timing.
  • USSF - Alfredo
  • Instagram/Netflix - Afredo - possibly update blog post
  • Central America repression - Enrique
  • List of available software - Friends, Calc, Mumble - Ross


Given the membership meeting the end of October, let's aim for getting the Lowdown out by mid November, with all articles in by first week of November.