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    4343 * Starting on September 17th, 2013, feminist group [ FORCE] launched their campaign [ Ultimate Guide for a Consensual Good Time] with a hoax of playboy website with a political spoof to "re-invent 2013 Top Ten Campus Party" as FORCE stated, acting against rape in university campuses. The website hoax was backed up by fake news coverage on other websites also hosted by MFPL: [ Huffington Post -], [ Upworthy -], [ Brobible -], and an in-depth interview on Playboy Enterprise’s corporate blog: [ Hugh Hefner on the Consent Revolution -]. This campaign earned media coverage and brought support from thousands in social media.   Brobible embraced the pro-consent campaign, Upworthy and Huffpost provided media coverage, while Playboy developed a legal strategy to take down the websites. MFPL backed up the campaign with legal support from EFF and refused to take down the sites after receiving request from playboy legal representatives Antigone Davoulas ([ email request received the next day the campaign was launched] and [ letter request two days later]) and Marcella Ballard ([ letter request]).   EFF, FORCE and MFPL kept negotiating with Playboy until October 1st asking the corporation to endorse the campaign. Playboy refused and did not take further legal action.
     45 * Between September 2014 and December 2014, we were asked by the US government to turn over personally identifying information about the members of the Athens IMC by order of subpoena. We refused to turn it over, and then we received a gag order preventing us from mentioning it. The gag order expired in December 2014. See our [ statement on the Athens IMC gag order] for more information.