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    3737 * Also in April 2012, under a [/raw-attachment/wiki/dmca/highwinds_sw.pdf search warrant], [ the FBI seized a Riseup server] in our colocation cabinet. Apparently, an anonymous re-mailer on the server was used to send a bomb threat to a university in Pittsburgh. The seizure happened after we received a [/raw-attachment/wiki/dmca/fbi.subpoena.pdf subpoena] to turn over all data on and about the server. Since the server was administered by Riseup, and they used encrypted disks, we had nothing to turn over. The FBI returned the server a few days later, which we [ captured on video].
     39 * Throughout 2012 and 2013 we have received several requests by individuals, who have been identified as having participated in neo-nazi activities on the web site, to have their information removed from the site. On each occassion we have requested that Linksunten confirm that they have the correct information (in each case the information was confirmed) and we have stood by our member's right to publish this information.
    3941 * During April and May 2013 a legal representative identifying himself as Stevan Johnson, from BrooklinShaw Law Firms, sent several threatening emails demanding that we remove [ this article from The Sahara Reporters media website] hosted in our servers, after Sahara Reporters refused to comply with that request. We responded by refusing to remove the content and saying that the decision on what to publish is fully in the power of Saharara Reporters.