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    2525 * [ Metr0 Spoof]. A group of UK-based activists [ spoofed an issue of the  UK Metro newspaper], along with a web site hosted with May First/People Link members [ Tachanka collective]. We [ heard about directly] and promptly [wiki:metrospoof posted a response]. The site was eventually taken down by the activists who created it.
     27 * [ fitwatch]. In a move even unusual for MFPL, fitwatch was accused by the London police of engaging in criminal behavior by helping activists who were part of the massive student demonstrations in the UK in the middle of November 2010. fitwatch, hosted with a company called Just Host, were surprised to find their site disappear. Apparently, Just Host doesn't take the time to consider the validity of absurd take down requests. With the help of [ Tachanka Collective], they were [ moved to an MFPL server] where they remain up to this day.
    2729 * [ Apple Conflict Free]. In November 2010, Apple Computer sent a [ DMCA take down notice] to Hurricane Electric in response to a faux web site from the Yes Men advertising a new model of the iPhone that was developed without ravaging Democratic Republic of the Congo. After consultation, the Yes Men decided to voluntarily take the site down.