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Use cheap USB keys for distributing information about MF/PL and FOSS and installing a live operating system, FOSS applications, and encryption software. Make this available online for others to create their own USB keys, provide a list of recommended FOSS, and distribute keys at no- to low-cost in local bookstores, conference tables, etc.


  • Distribute FOSS
  • Outreach for MF/PL
  • Address access inequality by allow users to access the Internet on public/shared computers on their own terms


  • Portable apps
  • Keepass
  • Live installation of Debian or Ubuntu
  • Malware/spyware prevention
  • Firewall
  • gnu pgp key
  • Open Office
  • Firefox
  • Thunderbird

How To


Magón Vive

Magón was an effort by some people while they were at (radical mexican northamerican collective), to spread the use of FLOSS through social movement activists, using portable apps for Windows. This project stalled some years ago however I think May First could / Primero de Mayo could take it to the next level.