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     1= IPMI =
     3IPMI allows us to access a physical server removetly, as if we were in the colo with a monitor and keyboard plugged in. At least in theory. We used to use [wiki:telehouse_serial_access a simple serial cable] to achieve this feat. However, new servers are no longer beings shipped with serial ports and motherboard/bios software no longer support them. Instead, we are expected to use IPMI.
     5IPMI provides a million ways to connect, but we are enabling two. Both are configured to use a local, non-routable IP address.
     7 * web-based access (we will setup nginx to proxy from a public address to the non-routable address)
     8 * serial over LAN access, using ipmiutil which will be run from a server in the cabinet
     10Unfortunately, IPMI is complex and varies considerably from computer to computer. Here are the steps used to connect john.
     12== BIOS/Setup ==
     14When you first boot the computer, IPMI has to be enabled and assigned an IP address.
     16We use a non-routable IP address so the only way to connect to IPMI is via a machine in the colo itself.
     18Below are the screen shots of the bios and their settings.