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    8686Edit the contents of `/srv/ir/conf.php` to point to the correct source directory, and the actual database you've set up.  You'll need to set an end time for your workshop, and choose distinct group and monkey passwords for each room you've designated.
    88 == testing it out ==
     88== Testing it out ==
    9090Point your web browser at http://ir.test/ and run with it!
     92== Following the development ==
     94As changes get pushed into the repository, you'll want to keep up with them.  You can bring your local working copy up-to-date with:
     97svn update /srv/ir
     100== Committing changes ==
     102The above setup gives you the ability to follow the course of development and to make changes to your working copy.  If you've made changes that you think should be part of the main development branch, you'll need a commit access to the svn repository.  If you don't have that access already, [/newticket open a ticket] requesting access to the MF/PL SVN repo.  You'll need an SSH key for this.  Once you've been granted access, switch your local working copy over to access the repository via ssh instead of https:
     105cd /srv/ir
     106svn switch --relocate svn+ssh://
     109Now you can commit your changes like this:
     112cd /srv/ir
     113svn commit
     115svn will pop up an editor for you to write notes about the changes you're making.  This helps everyone else (and yourself, two months from now!) understand the intent behind the changes.