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    3737We plan for the first project location to be the West Bank in Palestine. Organizing work and partnerships have already been established. The World Education Forum in 2010, of which MF/PL was deeply involved in as international adviser and organizer, allowed for the creation of alliances with four key organizations based in the West Bank of Palestine. The shared goals of Stop the Wall, Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA), Union of Palestinian Women Committees (UPWC), and the Alternative Information Center (AIC) are to join as members and create blogging websites that reach a global audience. The success of our work in Palestine has spurred an interest to conduct the program in many other regions throughout the world. The list below denotes a familiarity with organizations in the following locations in which we expect our program to be carried out:
    39  * Palestine - Stop the Wall (, contact: Jamal Juma)
    40  * India - Center for Internet and Society (, contact: Sunil Abraham)
    41  * Morocco - E-Joussour (, contact: Hamouda Soubhi)
    42  * Bolivia - Bolivian Mission to the UN (, contact: Pablo Solon)
    43  * Nigeria - Initiative for African Women Norms Renaissance (, contact: Kareen Udoh)
    44  * Sovereign Indigenous Nations - Indigenous Environmental Network (, Contact: Tom Goldtooth)
     39 * Palestine
     40 * India
     41 * Morocco
     42 * Bolivia
     43 * Nigeria
     44 * Sovereign Indigenous Nations
    4646== Project Plan ==