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    1313 * Make sure there is an open ticket for creating the new server.  The ticket should be tagged with "new-server."
    1414 * Create Manifest file
    15   * If you are building a Standard MOSH, from the server page, click "Generate Manifest," add the name sake and click the "Generate Manifest" button. Copy the contents of the output into a manifest.pp file in your puppet repository, or
    1615  * Copy an existing puppet node file, preferably one from the same host, naming it after your activist (pick either the first or last name of the activist, up to you) and replace all instances of the old guest name with your new guest name and change the namesake URL and description text and anything else (be sure that the onsite/rdiff-backup server is in the same colo center as the server you are creating) and replace the IP address in the nagios stanza with the correct IP address
    1716 * Edit the puppet configuration file for the host server. Copy an existing m_kvm::guest stanza, replacing values as needed.  The stanza will look something like this: