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    149149  * add the cert and intermediate cert to this file (courier needs both the key and cert in the same file
     151=== Dedicated MOSH servers ===
     153Some groups request a dedicated virtual private servers. Unfortunately, you have to jump through a few hoops to get this done.
     155Usually, the reason for the request is because the user wants to run CiviCRM or otherwise wants PHP to perform more efficiently than is possible with suExec. These directions assume that's the purpose of the MOSH:
     157 * In the puppet configuration, specify the following in the m_mosh call:
     159 php => "mod_php",
     160 apache_user => "USERNAME",
     161 apache_group => "GROUPNAME",
     163 Here's an example of a real live config:
     165  class { "m_mosh":
     166    php => "mod_php",
     167    apache_user => "nybrecht",
     168    apache_group => "brechtforum",
     169    apache_max_clients => 40
     170  }
     173Sadly, there's a chicken/egg problem. You can't know what the USERNAME and GROUPNAME will be until you've added a hosting order via the control panel. But, you can't add a hosting order via the control panel until you configured puppet. So, I suggest start by keeping the USERNAME/GROUPNAME place holders and tolerate puppet reporting an error (it will tell you that apache failed to start).
     175Next, create a hosting order for the requesting member in the control panel. If you specified "accepting = 1" in the steps above, the server should be available (and hopefully no other member has decided to put a hosting order there).
     177After you have created your hosting order, manually update the red_server table to change the accepting field to 0 so other members can't use it.
     179Then, in the control panel, click on Top and then click the Server Access tab. Create a new record specify the member requesting the server, the server that you have added, and the user account that, when they login to the control panel, should have full access to the server. This probably will be the user account that was created in the previous step but it doesn't have to be (if they have hosting orders on other servers).
     181Now, you can modify the puppet record for the server and replace the USERNAME and GROUPNAME with the user account that you created for the hosting order on this server. The username and groupname should be the same.