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Installing Extras

Encrypted File system

  • Install programs:
$ sudo apt-get install dmsetup cryptsetup
  • Create an encrypted file system for members:
  • Now, unmount the partition (make sure there is no data on it that you care about).
$ sudo umount /home/members
  • Create the encrypted filesystem:
$ cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/mapper/vg_NAMEOFSERVER0-members

You will be prompted for a password. Put password in resource db!

  • Add to crypttab
echo crypt_members /dev/mapper/vg_NAMEOFSERVER0-members none luks >> /etc/crypttab
  • Start it
/etc/init.d/cryptdisks start
  • Create a file system on the partition:
$ mkfs -t ext3 /dev/mapper/crypt_members
  • Remove cryptdisks from the rc2.d directory - we do not want this to start automatically on boot! Instead we want to start it manually so the boot process doesn't hang waiting for a password.