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    3636  * When you are done, click Finish. Now you are back at the partition menu.
    3737 * Scroll down to the raid devices (or apply straight to your partitions if it's a one disk system). Modify the 250 MB RAID device: Filesystem: ext3, mount on /boot
    38  * Encrypt the larger, remaining device.
     38 * Encrypt the larger, remaining device. Give password to Jamie.
    3939 * Choose "Congifure LVM" (selecting the device encrypted in the previous step)
    4040 * Create a volume group called `vg_`''nameofserver''`0`
    4141 * Create logical volumes in this volume group based on your needs. Suggestions: 3GB for /, 1GB swap.
    4242 * After returning to the main disk config menu, click on each logical volume that you create and specify how it should be formatted and mounted.
    43  * Enter root password in resource db or give to Jamie!
     43 * Enter root password. Give to Jamie.
    4444 * Create a second user for yourself.
    4545 * Do not install the server package or the base package - deselect all of them.