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Booting Into an Environment to do your Installation

USB Stick

Come with a bootable USB stick with Debian Squeeze installed (as of 2010-05-25, all physical servers are being installed with squeeze and will be creating KVM virtual servers).

To create a USB installer for Debian Squeeze...

  • Download boot.img.gz.
  • Plug in USB stick (don't mount) - run dmesg | tail to figure out which device (e.g. sdb)
  • zcat boot.img.gz > /dev/DEVICE
  • mount /dev/DEVICE /mnt/
  • Download netinst ISO
  • Copy ISO image to /mnt/
  • Download BNX drivers (optional): aptitude download firmware-bnx2x; aptitude download firmware-bnx2
  • Copy the debs to /mnt/
  • umount /mnt
  • Done!

PXE Boot

Or, you can install using our naomi pxe install or telehouse pxe install.