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     1= Install Jitsi Meet on Linux =
     3[wiki:web-conference Jitsi Meet] is a program to hold video-based web meetings. This page covers how to install the jitsi meet app on a Linux computer.
     5== App Image ==
     7The jitsi meet developers regularly [ release an appimage] of the jitsi meet app for Linux. An [ AppImage] is an alternative to the standard way programs are distributed for Linux (e.g. on Debian based system we use the `apt` or `apt-get` or `dpkg` tool to install .deb files, on Redhat, we use the `rpm` tool, etc).
     9AppImages work on all versions of Linux.
     11== Download ==
     13The first step is to download and save the most recent [ release] that ends with the `.AppImage` extension.
     15By default, your browser may automatically save it to your Downloads folder. If you are prompted to choose a folder, please choose your Downloads folder.
     17== Change permissions ==
     19Next, you have to make the file executable.
     21Right click on the file and click `Properties`
     23Then, click the Permissions tab.
     25Then place a checkmark in the "Allow executing file as program"
     27== Make it show up in your menu system ==
     29Next, we have to create a "desktop" file for it, so it will show up in your menu system.
     31To make this file, you will need to open your terminal program and type the following:
     34mkdir -p ~/.local/share/applications
     35wget "" -o ~/Downloads/jitsi-meet.png
     36printf "[Desktop Entry]\nEncoding=UTF-8\nVersion=1.0\nType=Application\nTerminal=false\nExec=~/Downloads/jitsi-meet-x86_64.AppImage --no-sandbox\nName=Jitsi Meet&Icon=~/Downloads/jitsi-meet.png\n" > ~/.local/share/applications/jitsi-meet.desktop