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     1= OMEMO =
     3[ OMEMO] is a way to have a private chat conversation that cannot be intercepted.
     5It is designed to be used with [wiki:how-to/jabber Jabber/xmpp] chat clients, which all MF/PL members can use, without creating a new account or getting a new password.
     7OMEMO is not supported by all XMPP/Jabber clients. Please refer to our [wiki:how-to/jabber Jabber/XMPP page to find out which ones support OMEMO.
     9With OMEMO, every time you communicate with a new contact on a new device (e.g. if your friend installs a chat client on their phone), you have to verify that device's "fingerprint." With most chat clients, that means you will get a message that presents you with a bunch of gobbley-gook and you will be asked to "confirm" or "verify" those numbers. You can either call your friend by phone to verify the numbers and letters, or if you are reasonably sure nobody is intercepting your message, you can simply click "verify" (this approach is known as "Trust on first use").
     11As long as you continue communicating with your friend and you are both using the same devices, you will never be prompted again. If you ''are'' prompted to verify a fingerprint again, you should be suspicious and should try to contact your friend by phone. It may be because your friend installed a new chat software program or got a new phone. Or it may be because someone is intercepting your messages.
     13It is an improvement over the [wiki:how-to/otr OTR] or off-the-record method of having private conversations.