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     1= Does May First People Link have an Instant Messaging (IM) service? =
     3We now have a XMPP/Jabber server running for our members. The technology is similar to GoogleTalk and Facebook Chat. You will be able to communicate with people that are currently using google talk,  however although Facebook chat uses the same technology they remain to use it in a closed garden preventing communication with other XMPP servers. You will also be able to communicate with users who have opted to use their built-in XMPP server.
     5Below are instructions for creating an account
     7== Pidgin ==
     9Download and install Pidgin (Cross platform for Linux, OSX, and Windows).
     11Go to Accounts --> Manage Accounts --> Add
     13In the Add Account Window
     15Click on Protocol drop-down menu Select XMPP
     18Username: <Type a username>
     20Resource: <leave blank>
     21Password: <Create password>
     23You can select Remember Password if you would otherwise leave it unchecked and Pidgin will ask everytime you start Pidgin.
     25You can also create a local alias for how you see your own user name in the chat window
     27At the bottom of the window click the Check box next too
     30Create this new account on the server
     33then Click Add.
     35When you login your should receive a Welcome message for registering on the server. You can now add of other friends to your account.